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According to Data, “Smoking” Cannabis Is a Dying Trend

  • According to the latest Cannabis Consumption report by Deliotte, most cannabis consumers are pivoting towards other, unconventional ways to smoke pot.
  • The study also found that most consumers are health conscious, and are looking for ways to reduce smoke-intake.
  • ” The latest data from ArcView Market Research revealed that, in California alone, cannabis consumers spent $180 million on THC-infused food and beverages in 2017.”

Smoking is dying down to embers, according to the latest cannabis consumption report by Deloitte. While 64 percent of Canadian cannabis consumers currently partake through rolled joints, that number is expected to decrease drastically as new legal products hit the market shelves.

It’s a far change from just a few years ago, when most cannabis users were thought of as having a blunt in their hand and a billowing ring of smoke around their heads. If you’re looking to identify the newest stoners, don’t look for a joint or bong—look for a cannabis-infused drink or chocolate.

Health-Conscious Cannabis Consumers

According to the report, cannabis consumers are health-conscious, and since there are dozens of ways to consume without lighting up, users are taking advantage of the many happy cannabis alternatives, from edibles to lotions. In fact, 34 percent of current consumers say they’re likely to try new and different cannabis products in the coming months and years.

As for the most popular cannabis consumption method, there’s no doubt that pot-infused edibles are king. Researchers expect six out of ten cannabis customers…

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