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AxisWire Unveils Signature Cannabis Entrepreneur Tech Platform and STAR Source Locator

  •  Axiswire, the world’s first cannabis focused communications firm unveils STAR, a program designed to connect entrepreneurs with journalists looking for expert cannabis sources for a low charge.
  • The company’s newswire service also allows brands signed up with AxisWire to have their press releases distributed to over 1,700 targeted journalists, media houses, and content focused sites like Forbes, The Washington Post, CNN, TIME, Business Insider, and VICE.
  • Cynthia Salarizadeh, founder and CEO ofAxisWire:  “After two years of development, our team is confident that AxisWire will stand at the center of all things media for cannabis.”

The cannabis industry took a big leap towards the mainstream earlier this month with the official launch of the world’s first cannabis focused communications firm, AxisWire.

Founded by a seasoned team of cannabis professionals, AxisWire was created in response to the severe lack of access to basic business services that many entrepreneurs take for granted.

Although cannabis is legal in some shape or form in more than half of the United States, many newswire services and public relations firms have refused to do business with anyone associated with the cannabis industry; due primarily to the substance’s Schedule I status and fears of federal interference.

Despite the lack of access, the cannabis industry has flourished nonetheless. According to a report by ArcView Market Research and BDS Analytics, the economic impact of the cannabis industry is expected to grow to $40 billion by 2021, leaving plenty of room for savvy operators to fill the void left by traditional communications firms.

“The cannabis industry is on the brink and ripe for a platform that will provide the infrastructure for all cannabis businesses, journalists and PR representatives to be able to access one another and exchange their news,” commented AxisWire founder and CEO, Cynthia Salarizadeh. “After two years of development, our team is confident that AxisWire will stand at the center of all things media for cannabis.”

Conceived of as a one-stop-shop for the cannabis businesses to grow their brand, AxisWire offers a variety PR and…

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