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Canada: Cannabis will be great for business, especially the tech market

  • Legal “street” Marijuana will become readily available in the coming weeks throughout all Canadian providences following new legislation. 
  • Various providences in Canada will still enforce zoning laws requiring different point of sale stipulations. Nova Scotia being one of several which will have only 9 store fronts in the entire region.
  • Surveys show that the Canadian general public would most likely opt to buy at online venders, making now an opportune moment to invest in ” Canadian Cannabis,” considering zoning discrepancies. 

It is no secret that Canadians are looking forward to legalizing recreational marijuana, and Canadian entrepreneurs are simply blown away by the amount of money and opportunities this market is giving.

Canada is just a few weeks away from legalizing recreational cannabis, after having medical cannabis legal for over 15 years now. It is a good time to be an entrepreneur, especially if you are looking to start running a weed business in Canada. Deloitte has recently published a survey which was focused on the legalization which is soon to happen, and how Canadians are going to behave once legal weed hits the streets.

Seeing how the medical side of the industry requires a lot of paperwork, licenses and such, it wasn’t really a welcoming market at first. Medical cannabis in Canada is sold only through an online website and cannot be bought on the street legally, but things are going to be different when recreational cannabis becomes legal this summer.

Since provinces are able to choose how they want to regulate the recreational markets, there will be a lot of differences from one province to another, but one thing will be common in all — cannabis will be widely available…except maybe in Nova Scotia which will have only 9 stores for the whole province.

Technology will rule the markets

Technology has been disrupting the traditional ways of doing business for a while now, and in the last few years, online payments have become much easier to do and faster to go through. We now have an abundance of cryptocurrencies to…

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