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Cannabis & Condo Communities: Can You Smoke Weed in Your Home?

  • Despite a nationwide push to legalize marijuana, some Canadian landlords and condominium owners will not allow their tenants to smoke in or around their apartment dwellings. 
  • “The board can impose more restrictive requirements than state laws, so even if smoking marijuana or eating edibles is allowed, the condo board can legally prohibit it, so long as the documents are properly amended.”
  • Many tenants are asking building owners to consider the individual needs of occupants, who may need the herb to curb life-threatening symptoms. Until then, condo boards maintain the right to curtail the consumption and use of cannabis products on private property.

A man’s home is his castle – sort of.

In Canada, proposed marijuana laws restrict smoking pot to private homes, but at least one Ottawa condo board wants to nip that in the bud and prohibit marijuana users from lighting up in their dwellings. In Toronto, some condo boards are planning to ban smoking weed inside both individual units and on balconies while placing limits on the cultivation of marijuana plants despite personal residences being one of the few places where smoking will be allowed under the current proposed legislation. Canada is scheduled to open its national marijuana market later this year.

You are probably wondering about U.S. condo boards and rental properties. Every time I speak to groups of condo managers, I bring this up and everyone jumps. More and more condominium corporations are looking to create rules for the use of marijuana in their buildings. Property managers, condo boards, and landlords of rental properties are often confused and seek to better understand how to handle issues of legal recreational marijuana and medical marijuana.

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