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Cannabis research is a good thing, but it presents problems too

  • Modern-day cannabis research, although seems like a concentrated study of marijuana strands consumed by the average user, the reality suggests otherwise. 
  • Author: ” Oftentimes, researchers are testing synthetic cannabinoids, or single compounds,” which are strands that are not readily available to the public, are purely medicinal, or are experimental in some regard.
  • Studies also show other variables like the intake of other substances like alcohol and cigarette smoke is hardly ever factored into studies, as predeterminate factors.
  • Joelle Puccio, Researcher and chairperson of People’s Harm Reduction Alliance: Race and class are also prime lifestyle factors that are heavily neglected, and can in fact skew results. 

Cannabis research is important and necessary to improve our understanding of the plant, and more is generally better. Still, there are problems that come with the proliferation of cannabis research and readers should be cautiously skeptical, writes Calvin Hughes.

Scientific studies are great, and an integral part of pushing cannabis culture into the future. But research isn’t always conducted the standards we might like them to be, says Josh Kaplan, a postdoctorate fellow in neuroscience at the University of Washington who specializes in medical cannabis research.

“Because the range and quality of cannabis studies—and just the variability of the data collection techniques—whatever you want, you can find support for it,” Kaplan told Herb.

Kaplan says one of the biggest issues he has noticed in many cannabis studies is that they often don’t use the kind of cannabis people actually use. Oftentimes, researchers are testing synthetic cannabinoids, or single compounds.

“Instead of looking at normal human use patterns, let’s hit the brain with a ton of just THC. Which we know is not normal human use patterns, because there are other cannabinoids [in cannabis] that are present, some that counteract THC’s effect.”

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