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His software solution aims to ease the pain of running a dispensary

  • John Yang, CEO and Co-Founder of Treez–an enterprise retail management software platform– believes he’s found the solution to an age-old book-keeping problem. The program reduces manual errors, allowing operators to significantly improve productivity and sales.
  • Yang:  One of the core visions of Treez is to use our software to automate compliance by providing easy integration…[ Such as] checking in customers and patients, ensuring their credentials are captured and vetted, correctly calculating different levels of taxation by location and by patient type, limiting purchases to stay within prescribe daily limits, etc.”

John Yang, CEO and Co-Founder of Treez, talks tech opportunities in the weed business.

Treez is an enterprise retail management software platform that serves dispensaries across the state of California, as well as in Florida, Nevada, Arizona, the District of Columbia.

The platform gives customers the ability to reduce unnecessary labor, reduce manual errors and reduce growing pains, allowing operators to significantly improve productivity and sales. The system addresses inventory, purchasing, reporting, taxes, and employee management. Treez also helps track the key metrics that operators need to optimize operations, such as inventory, customer information, and employee productivity; as well as providing a variety of other tools that dispensary owners can use to improve their operations.

What inspired you to launch your business?

Shareef El-Sissi, my business partner, had spent ten years in the cannabis industry, whereas my background was in software development. Shareef asked me to build a solution for his high-volume dispensary, The Garden of Eden. There were many inefficiencies operating a dispensary that could be solved with the right software, such as implementing scanners that could capture all patient intake information within seconds, creating easy front-end tools for budtenders to allow them to quickly and easily check inventory, provide discounts, and check out customers.

It was a pretty easy marriage of our talents. He’d present me with a problem, such as how to automate discounting, or how to track employee productivity, and I’d solve it with software. This happened over and over and before long, we had a whole system in place. From there, it didn’t take us long to figure out that we should go bigger with our scope and offer Treez to the general public.

How is your organization/business helping the cannabis industry in a positive way?

The cannabis industry has historically operated under uncertainty and fear. Many cannabusinesses did not understand and comply with local and state regulations–resulting in fines, forfeitures, and/or closures. One of the core visions of Treez is to use our software to automate compliance for our operators by providing easy integration with the track-and-trace systems being put in place in markets such as…

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