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How Bosmere Farms Cut Production Costs in Oregon

  • Bosmere Farms, owned and cultivated by Glen and Dan James has managed to enter the Oregon adult-sale market, thanks to their precise budgeting. The father-son duo is able to produce a pound of cannabis for no more than $32, “depending on a year’s total yield,” making their operation not only lucrative but also cost-effective. 
  • “This is how you bootstrap, every step of the way,” Glen explains, in reference to their budgeting methods, which included cashing in their 401K, and selling off most of their personal property. “Take the issue, understand it, break it down, research the possibilities, talk to suppliers and work out the practical solution with what you have as resources.”
  • The family lives on the farm–Dan with his wife, and Glen with his spouse and son.
How Bosmere Farms Cut Production Costs in Oregon

This article originally appeared in the July 2018 issue of Cannabis Business Times. To subscribe, click here.

The close bond between Glen and Dan James, the father-son duo behind Bosmere Farms, is obvious when you catch them discussing their business. For instance, when Dan, the farm’s director of operations, answers a question, Glen, the CFO, chimes in with additional details and prompts Dan to extol on his clever business plans, as any proud father would do for (and to) his son. And Dan, like any normal son, becomes sheepish by his dad’s interventions. The pauses before his answers ooze with playful eye-rolling toward his father.

Glen is right to be proud of his son. Thanks to Dan’s careful planning, Bosmere Farms, an outdoor cannabis cultivation business catering to Oregon’s adult-use market, has managed to do what many thought impossible: They reduced spending to where the company can budget production costs for a pound…

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