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How to Plan the Best Lighting Strategy for Your Cannabis Grow

  • The perfect balance of light exposure and other growing apparatuses is crucial to producing a healthy and bountiful yield. Light however is still remains the trickiest part of growing Cannabis, and often results in common growing mistakes. 
  • Discover how much light you need, the pros and cons of Greenhouse lighting, Electrical design, and light maintenance. 
How to Plan the Best Lighting Strategy for Your Cannabis Grow

This article originally appeared in the May 2018 print issue of Cannabis Business Times. To subscribe, click here.

A properly designed grow facility is critical to success, and proper light design is a crucial component of that design. Properly designed lighting systems will evenly deliver the right amount of light to your garden.

Many grows utilize a lighting system that was thoughtfully designed and carefully put together to optimize light delivery to the garden. Others appear as if the lights where placed where they could easily be hung, not where they should be placed for maximum canopy coverage. Other grows pull too much power by installing too many lights, or their electrical load is not balanced properly across the electrical circuits within the facility. Grow light maintenance is often performed infrequently, if at all.

Here are some of the basic, and not-so-basic, considerations when planning your lighting systems to avoid common mistakes.

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