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Things Are Canna Crazy in New York City These Days

  • Many cannabis enthusiasts and habitual pot smokers are continuing to fall ill in K-2, epidemic.
  •  Commonly referred to as ” synthetic marijuana,” the chemical cocktail has put over 25 people in hospital since 2016.
  • This comes as awkward timing as NYC mayor Bill De Blasio, has recently told the city’s police department to stop arresting people who are caught smoking marijuana in public.
Police investigate a store near the intersection of Bushwick Avenue and Broadway Wednesday, July 13, 2016, in Brooklyn. More than two dozen people were sickened in an apparent mass drug overdose on a New York City street corner, sparking warnings from police and health officials about the dangers of using K2, also known as synthetic marijuana. (Frank Franklin II/AP)

Two headlines out of New York City grabbed our attention here at Leafly World Headquarters this morning:

  • NYC Mayor de Blasio Tells Police to End Arrests for Marijuana Smoking

Too bad Bill de Blasio didn’t give that order to the NYPD a week ago. Or a month ago. Or a year ago. Those 25 people in Brooklyn could have avoided the hospital altogether.

When legal, high-quality, lab-tested cannabis is unavailable, some people will turn to K2, Spice, and other toxins. It’s a cruel con job.

Better late than never, though, eh Mayor? Maybe you’ll want to drop by Woodhull Hospital with flowers and an apology note this afternoon.

Forgive my bitter tone. It comes from watching the same story play out year after year in prohibition states. Here’s a story about a naked guy freaking out on K2 in New York City three years ago. Here are dozens of Brooklynites dropping like zombies in 2016. Here are Spice users vomiting blood last month in Chicago. Here are four deaths tied to Spice tainted with rat poison in downstate Illinois three weeks ago.

When legal, high-quality, lab-tested cannabis is unavailable, some people will turn to K2, Spice, and other chemically toxic substances, deceived by the false “synthetic marijuana” label. It’s a cruel con job. Calling this garbage marijuana is like describing fentanyl as extra-strength aspirin. Once again for the people in the balcony: K2 AND SPICE ARE NOT CANNABIS.

The con is aided and abetted by public officials like de Blasio and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel. As long as their police departments continue to use real…

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