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UPDATE: Ohio Awards 56 Medical Dispensary Licenses

UPDATE: Ohio Awards 56 Medical Dispensary Licenses

6/5/18 10:05 a.m. EST: This story was updated to include comments from Ohio Board of Pharmacy Patient and Caregiver Liaison Grant Miller.

The State of Ohio Board of Pharmacy issued 56 retail licenses to medical cannabis businesses on June 4. See a full list of license winners below.

The winners were whittled from a list of 376 applicants statewide, all divided into regional districts—Northwest, Northeast, Southwest and Southeast. Each region was then divided into 31 districts—usually comprised of three or four counties—that mapped out where dispensaries would be located throughout the state.

“That was the first consideration when it came to allocation because … we have to abide by those restrictions,” said Grant Miller, the Board’s patient and caregiver liaison. “For example, there could have been someone who had a better score in a certain district than someone in another district, but if the person with the higher score didn’t have a high enough score to [beat other applicants in his or her district and] get a license in that district , then they didn’t get a license.”

Similarly, three separate companies applied for a dispensary license at the same address in Lorain, with only the top scoring applicant securing the license.

Business entities that were awarded an Ohio retail license include:

• GTI Ohio
• NMG Ohio
• AFS Cultivation
• Greenleaf Apothecaries
• Cannamed Therapeutics
• 127 OH LLC
• FarmaceuticalRx
• Mother Knows Best
• Green Leaf Medical of Ohio
• Quest Wellness Ohio
• Glass City Alternatives
• Eagle Dispensaries
• Verdant Creations
• OPC Retail
• The Forest Sandusky
• Buckeye Botanicals
• Harvest of Ohio
• Ohio Grown Therapies
• Cann Ascend Alternative
• Ohio…

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